We are called by our moral responsibility to create a compassionate and sustainable community in which individuals are valued, diversity is embraced and people feel connected.

Mission Statement

Community Based Services of Catholic Health Care Services offers choice and guidance to older adults and their caregivers by supporting individual well-being through creative programs, quality services and coordinated partnerships.


Star Harbor Senior Community Center was established in 1967 by the older adults of St. Francis de Sales Parish under the guidance of Msgr. John Sefton.  It was begun as a recereational facility for all community residents regardless of race, religion, or economic background.  Star Harbor was envisioned as a clubhouse where older adults could come together to socialize.  Today, Star Harbor is a program of Catholic Health Care Services and continues to provide services to ethnically and economically diverse seniors age 55 and over.  

The Center has developed a long-time partnership with the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) and is supported by funding from PCA, the United Way, and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Star Harbor Senior Community Center is working with partner agencies and community organizations, enabling the Center to expand its reach and better meet the needs of older adults in our community.


Star Harbor Senior Community Center strives to ensure that members of the community enjoy independence and the highest quality of life.  Our programming addresses three critical issues that aging members of our communities face: food insecurity, social isolation, and health and wellness.  Our center strives to improve the wellness, dignity and self-worth of our members. Through a wide range of social, recreational and educational groups, older adults engage in activities they enjoy and find meaningful.  Health and wellness is a top priority with offerings in exercise, walking groups, health education, screenings, and immunizations.  Lunch is available for all members that are 60 years of age and older.  Breakfast is available for purchase.